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Robert McGinnis illustration for Stella Artois beer ad posters, 2012

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Robert has enjoyed a very long and variety-filled career as an illustrator and gallery artist, and he feels very fortunate to still be working. He has no intention of retiring, because drawing and painting are what he loves to do best. Robert loves, and lives, to paint. He works practically every weekday and sometimes on weekend days. As long as God allows, Robert will be creating artwork.

In fact, in recent years, aside from creating paintings based on his own ideas (such as Old West scenes), Robert has done the following: a movie poster for the Japanese movie “K-20”; cover illustrations for Hard Case Crime paperback books (Robert created the artwork for the special edition version of Stephen King’s novel Joyland); a four-painting series for Italian fashion sportswear company Ellesse; and six paintings for Stella Artois beer advertisements, which were directed by the top-flight advertising agency Mother London. ¬†Above is a picture of some of the “elements” of the most recent Stella Artois ad poster illustration. Cheers!